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Men Sex Delay Wipes - Extreme New

Men Sex Delay Wipes - Extreme
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Name: Men Sex Delay Wipes - Extreme
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Serial Number: 959290600060
Manufacturer Name: BestWe
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Men Sex Delay Wipes - Extreme Men Sex Delay Wipes - Extreme Men Sex Delay Wipes - Extreme

Bestwe Male Sex Delay Wipes [Extreme]
Pure plant extracts, pure mild stimulation.
30 minutes of onset, sustained 72 hours.
FREE SHIPPING  within the continental US.
Individually packed,  5 pieces / set
Get amazing control & boost your pleasure and self-confidence! This  wet wipe is easy carry-on, works quickly to give you longer-lasting, ultra-stiff erections. Just apply directly onto your head and shaft for  results in 30 minutes before sex.

Longer Lasting Sex wet wipes for men

鈥�    Easy Carry-on. Individually packed,  5 pieces / set
鈥�    High quality sexual delay wet wipe for enhanced erections and ejaculation control
鈥�    Maximizes stamina and performance
鈥�    Safety, no numb, no side effects
鈥�    Works in 30 minutes, sustain 72 hours
鈥�    Specially formulated with pure traditional Chinese medicine extract
鈥�    Latex compatible

Wanna make sure you鈥檙e a go-long guy? Then get a leg up with our MAN DELAY WIPES. Formulated with with pure traditional Chinese medicine extract, this delay wipes goes to work in minutes to maximize the length and strength of your erections.

Just wipes directly onto the head and shaft of your penis. Allow 30 minutes for full absorption, then enjoy extra stamina and erection strength for longer-lasting, super-satisfying sex.

The MAN DELAY WIPES is condom safe.  Also try it out with sex toys like penis rings for out of this world sex sessions.

Specification:   60mm X 60mm x 5 pieces / set
Water, Spunlace nonwoven, Cynomorium extract (songaria cynomoum herba), Rosa laevigata extract (cherokee rose fruit), Epimedium Herba, Ootheca Mantidis,  Polyhexamethylence guanidine, Hydrochloride and Phosphate,  all pure plant extract.

Apply on the surface of the glans and coronal site within 30 minutes before sex for best results.

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UPC: 959290600060
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Men Sex Delay Wipes - Gold Diamond Men Sex Delay Wipes - Gold Diamond

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